SkillMapper profiles help your employees to showcase their professional and educational skills and experience, as well as how they rate themselves against your organization’s core competencies.

Profiles also keep track of employees’ activities within SkillsMapper, such as learning courses completed, and includes a rewards system by which they can earn badges and certificates for progress and exceptional achievement.

How Profiles Work

When an employee joins SkillsMapper, they create a profile, including entries for all their past job roles and periods of education. This can be built from scratch or can pull from existing records, such as resumes or LinkedIn profiles.


They then enhance this profile by detailing the skills that they have used and developed throughout their careers, with particular focus on their key skills - those skills that they rate themselves highly in and that are most relevant to their current and most recent roles.


By allowing employees to rate themselves on their length of experience and ability level, as well as inviting peers to endorse their skills, you gain a comprehensive picture of their key strengths and individual possesses and also how these roll up for all members of a team or department. This then also helps other employees identify the thought leaders that may be able to act as mentors in their career development.

If your organization has a competency model against which an employee has rated him or herself, this information is also contained within the profile and is visible to the employee, their manager and any administrators.


Achievements and activity within SkillsMapper are also rewarded in an individual’s profile, highlighting those employees that are, for example, the most active learners or who are performing the actions necessary to progress along their career paths.



Employees can highlight their key strengths

Employees can identify potential mentors

Employees gain recognition for achievement and development

Helps the organization build up a skill inventory

Visibility into the skills within your organization