Learning tracks

The Learning feature embeds MBA-level content, developed by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, directly into SkillsMapper, blending career development and business education in one system.

The learning content helps employees to develop their business acumen, learning at their own pace to develop the skills that will help them progress their careers.

How Learning Tracks work

Learning Tracks

Five learning tracks are currently available in SkillsMapper, enabling employees to hone their skills in: Marketing, HR, Finance, Accounting and Value Chain.

Each track is broken down into three levels, each containing around twenty courses. Each course typically takes ten to twenty minutes and helps employees develop their skills in key themes for that track. Some courses include pre-reading requirements which are linked from within the course.

Learning Tracks
Learning Tracks

At the end of each level there is an assessment to test employees’ knowledge, and as they progress up a track they are introduced to more complex learning themes. Level and track completion is rewarded with a Kelley-endorsed certificate in the employee’s profile.

Learning Tracks

Learning levels can be tied to job roles as requirements, but employees can also choose which tracks they want to follow, to help them develop skills that they think will make them more effective in their current or future roles.


Tie learning to career development

Improved business skills across your workforce

MBA-level content in bite-sized pieces

Certificates for successful completion

Collaborate with peers working on the same track