Job Grid

The job grid allows you to create a job hierarchy of the roles in your organization, arranged simply by job family or function.

This allows employees to see how their current role fits into the hierarchy and also enables them to plot a path towards a target role.

How the Job Grid works

Job Grid

When an employee creates their profile they are asked to select their current role within the organization, and then they are asked to take a competency assessment, using the model and rating system loaded for your organization.

This allows them to get instant feedback into how well they match their current role and whether there are any gaps that they might want to consider filling to maximize their effectiveness in their role.

Job Grid

The Job Grid in the Career Paths feature, then enables them to identify the next step or steps they want to take in their career and provides feedback on the experience and training gaps that will need to be filled to make them eligible to progress.

Job Grid


Provides transparency into requirements for employees

Employees take control of their own careers

Managers see the employees who are proactive in career development

HR sees analytics for target roles, to identify succession risks