Career Paths

The Career Paths feature allows you to integrate your organization’s job hierarchy, role descriptions and competency model in an engaging interface, allowing your employees to explore future career moves and identify the steps they need to take to get there.

Providing transparency into the requirements for roles in your organization helps empower your employees to be more proactive in managing their own careers. The process is employee-driven, but with endorsements from management and HR to validate employees’ career decisions.

Career Management

competency definition and rating system

As an administrator, you enter your own competency definition and rating system into SkillsMapper, which allows employees to rate themselves and managers to approve these ratings.

Job roles are created in the system, with corresponding job definitions and competency requirements.

Job Roles

By comparing user assessed ratings against the criteria for a particular role, employees can easily identify the gaps they need to fill to progress, and HR can identify the current strongest candidates for key roles.


As well as being able to see gaps for next steps in career paths, you can also see any gaps that exist for employees in their current role, enabling you to identify critical training needs.

This enables you to get an instant health check for your organization, seeing roles for which you may be exposed both with current employees and for succession plans if key employees leave or retire.

Health check


Transparency into role requirements for employees

Enables employees to drive their own careers

Identify gaps in current and future roles

Align development needs with role requirements