SkillsMapper's rich reporting and analytics, will help you with your talent planning in many ways, empowering the key stakeholders in your human resources and learning organizations.

How can an organization successfully manage its talent, when it doesn’t have a clear and up to date picture of the skills and experience it already possesses?

Not only will SkillsMapper provide you with a rich and dynamic inventory of your employees skills and experience, but once you have that you will be in a much stronger position to identify where your strengths and opportunities exist, and plan for the future accordingly.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Find the employees who most closely match the requirements for key roles within your organization, and identify the knowledge and skills gaps you need to fill to ensure your succession plans are as robust as possible.

Knowledge & Experience

Quickly identify your thought leaders and experts in key areas, which can be mapped to your own custom skill taxonomies and competency models if required.

With the learning features in SkillsMapper, you can also see which employees are most proactively developing their skills further to progress.

Knowledge and Experiece


Get updated in real time on which employees are most engaged within the system, rather than waiting for periodic reports.


Through engaging employees by providing them with both visibility into opportunities, and the tools to get there, not only will you help retain key employees, but you will also develop and retain more skills and experience in your organization.