SkillsMapper helps your employees to identify both the formal and informal learning resources within the organization that can help them to get ahead.

SkillsMapper Provides:

SkillsMapper engages your employees in their own career development, by providing them with transparency into the requirements for roles within the organization.

Once they have identified roles of interest, they can quickly gain insight into the skills and experience they need to develop.

SkillsMapper then provides them with the tools and learning resources to help them get there.


Kelley School of Business

SkillsMapper connects employees with learning content along one of the integrated learning tracks, or by connecting them with your internal course content, added using our optional LMS app.

Certificates available: Business Acumen, Business Professional, Business Executive
Learning in SkillsMapper
Career Paths

Career Paths

Interactive job hierarchies, with detailed job requirements and competency models, allow employees to explore job roles within your organization and get a clearer understanding of the requirements they need to fulfill to progress their careers.


Your employees can also tap into the informal learning resources within the organization, by joining groups in which they can share questions and insights about training courses they’re taking, enabling them to identify the knowledge experts and potential mentors available to help them.