SkillsMapper is centered around a transparent core of information.

Your employees can clearly communicate the valuable experience they bring to the organization, while at the same time identifying their skill gaps for their perfect role.

SkillsMapper Provides:

One of the biggest challenges many companies face in developing and retaining a skilled workforce is availability of information.

Many employers do not have a clear idea of the relevant skills and experience they already have within their workforce, and many employees do not know what the gaps are between their current experience and where they need to be for their next role.

Marrying visibility with Career Pathing and Learning allows employees to take charge of their own careers, both in identifying target roles, and also connecting them with the resources they need to progress.

Dynamic Skills Inventory

All too often companies have little awareness of the skills and experience they possess with their existing employees, let alone the skills they need to develop to be more effective. SkillsMapper provides a comprehensive inventory of your employees’ skills that is dynamic, changing as your employees add new experience and engage in development.

Skills Inventory
Career Development

Employee Driven Career Development

By providing visibility into the requirements for key roles within the organization, employees are encouraged to explore career development opportunities and identify what they need to do to qualify for their dream job.

Empowering the Employee


By gaining insight into the key requirements for different roles within the organization, employees gain a much clearer picture of where they can take their careers within the company, rather than being tempted to explore external opportunities.

Profile visibility:

With the ability to both share their own and see others’ profiles, employees can benchmark themselves within the organization and also identify the knowledge experts and potential mentors that will be able to help them develop within the company.

Opportunities to grow:

Self-paced learning tracks help employees complete levels to develop key business skills and earn certificates, putting them in a stronger position for their next career move.

Case Study

Société Générale's needed a Human Resource (HR) tool that would not only help employees show case their expertise and connect across the organization, but would also give HR easy access to employee skills data.

Société Générale found SkillsMapper to be the platform they needed to bring the power of professional social collaboration and career management inside the company to nourish team spirit and develop the firm’s human capital.

Zapoint worked with Société Générale to tailor SkillsMapper to their specific needs. The customization allowed the Group to make SkillsMapper their own, to the extent of internally branding the social career management tool as "SG Connect".

SkillsMapper was deployed quickly and is now running smoothly at their New York division. Thus far, the response from Société Générale’s initial users has been positive. The Group found SG Connect both engaging and easy to use and they have plans to replicate this success throughout their global organization.