All About Zapoint

Founded in March 2006, Zapoint develops career planning and learning technology that lets companies build more effective partnerships between HR and employees.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Zapoint helps organizations engage, retain and develop their workforces, to sustain their competitive advantage.


How did the idea for Zapoint come about?

Zapoint’s founding team recognized that recruiting and talent development can often be a very inefficient process - there are people looking for opportunities to progress their careers and there are opportunities, with specific criteria, but matching the two is often very subjective and sometimes great matches are missed altogether.

If there was a way to more objectively rank, search and match people’s skills and experiences with the requirements for a role, wouldn’t that make life a whole lot easier? That’s what we thought!

So at its conception, Zapoint developed a achievement-scoring algorithm, and patented ‘LifeChart’ that helped to analyze and graphically display an individual’s experience, and aggregate this data for departments and companies to help organizations develop skills inventories and gain instant insight into the strengths and gaps that exist within their workforce.

Over time this has evolved further to incorporate forward-looking features, enabling individuals to create career paths and companies to create succession plans, all based around dynamic and current profiles and data.

2006: Zapoint was founded in March, 2006.

2008: The first enterprise application prototype was delivered.

2009: First commercial version of Zapoint SkillsMapper, our flagship enterprise talent management service, is launched.

2010: Zapoint acquires Jobster.

2012: Zapoint partners with CareerBuilder to develop MoneyBall for Sales.

2013: Zapoint partners with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business to develop MBA level learning content for SkillsMapper.

2014: Zapoint launches the latest version of SkillsMapper, blending innovative Career Management functionality with MBA level learning.

Transparency and Data

Zapoint believes in a transparent approach to Career Management, where employees have access to all the tools and information they need to make more informed decisions to manage their careers. By helping employees to better understand the skill gaps between where they are now and where they want to be, and providing learning content to support this, Zapoint’s solutions help them to create actionable career plans.

On the flip side, organizations gain insight both into the skills and experience they already possess, and also where the critical gaps exist that may be stopping them from hitting their business objectives. By engaging their workforce in the career management process, organizations gain data that will help them make more informed talent management decisions.

Zapoint has taken this approach to develop its own proprietary solutions and has also worked with clients and partners to incorporate this approach in bespoke solutions to address their career management and development needs.

How do Zapoint build?

Our technology is secure, reliable and flexible.

Our servers are powered by Linux and maintained for excellent performance and availability. We use several scalable database systems, and most of our code is written in Ruby on Rails - a highly versatile framework that gives us excellent code turnover.

On the client end, a judicious mix of cutting edge Javascript stands behind our Web 2.0 label. We believe in using the right tool for every job, so we also employ other programming languages like C++ or Perl.

Using all these technologies we manage to improve our features faster than any other software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor on the market.

Cleaning up our world, one less resume at a time

To minimize our cumulative environmental effects, we are a "Green Certified Site". Our website's total energy consumption is measured and then, audited renewable energy is purchased from wind and solar farms to neutralize our carbon footprint.

At Zapoint, we're focused on making things better and more efficient using just about any new technology we can find. If job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers stop printing out hard copies of their resume and adopt our Talent Profile instead, think of all the trees we could save! For more information about our environmental policy contact