About Skillsmapper

SkillsMapper is an innovative Career Management solution which helps organizations identify, analyze and develop employees’ skills and competencies.

Employees can create career paths that help them identify the skill gaps they need to close to progress. SkillsMapper also includes MBA level content that helps them to develop their business acumen.

SkillsMapper is the flagship enterprise solution developed by Zapoint, Inc. - a Boston, MA based technology company which develops career planning and learning technology that lets companies build more effective partnerships between HR and employees.


The inspiration behind SkillsMapper

Zapoint’s founding team recognized that talent development can often be a very inefficient process - there are people looking to progress their careers within their organizations and there are opportunities, with specific criteria, but matching the two is often very subjective and sometimes great matches are missed altogether.

Zapoint thought that if there was a way to more objectively rank, search and match people’s skills and experiences with the requirements for a role, it would make both employees’ and employers’ lives a whole lot easier. So they developed SkillsMapper.

SkillsMapper is powered by Zapoint’s achievement-scoring algorithm, and patented ‘LifeChart’ that help to analyze and graphically display an individual’s experience, and aggregate this data for departments and companies to help organizations develop skills inventories and gain instant insight into the strengths and gaps that exist within their workforce.

Over time this has evolved further to incorporate forward-looking features, enabling individuals to create career paths and companies to create succession plans, all based around dynamic and current profiles and data.


SkillsMapper is built around the belief that transparency promotes career development. Employees have access to all the tools and information they need to make more informed decisions to manage their careers, as well as being able to identify colleagues with the skill sets that can help them along the way. By helping employees to better understand the skill gaps between where they are now and where they want to be, and providing learning content to support this, Zapoint’s solutions help them to create actionable career plans.

On the flip side, organizations gain insight both into the skills and experience they already possess, and also where the critical gaps exist that may be stopping them from hitting their business objectives. By engaging their workforce in the career management process, organizations gain data that will help them make more informed talent management decisions.

SkillsMapper can be used by organizations of all sizes and has also formed the foundation for several bespoke career management applications for major clients.